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Our Mission


The Robert Fishman Institute for training and Research (RFI) is committed to training health care professionals, students and the community about natural solutions to health prevention and medical treatments. We collaborate with universities, private and publics institutions and private practitioners to provide training and research on biochemistry, physiology, genomics and functional medicine. Using the knowledge gained through real-life applications, in our respective medical practices, we will share our understanding of the body´s ability to achieve and maintain a state of optimal wellness.


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"It's definitely the cutting edge of medicine and things that we don´t hear about in medical school. So, I think it's a necessary supplement to people who are interested in health care"


Soyona Rafatiah, UM Medical School Student

"You cannot have disease in the presence of a healthy body. So, instead of treating the disease, why don't we teach peolple to get well."


Dr. Bruce Bonds, Speaker at the 2011 Think
Outside the Box Conference

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askRFI: Robert Fishman Institute: CME Training and Personal
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