AskRFI Testimonials
  • "It's definitely the cutting edge of medicine and things that we don´t hear about in medical school. So, I think it's a necessary supplement to people who are interested in health care" ~Soyona Rafatiah, UM Medical School Student

  • "You cannot have disease in the presence of a healthy body. So, instead of treating the disease, why don't we teach peolple to get well." ~Dr. Bruce Bonds, Speaker at the 2011 Think Outside the Box Conference

  • "If you stay in the box, your patients don't get well, you get frustrated and then you complain about how medicine has changed. If you get out of the box and you make a significant difference in your patient's lives, you stay motivated and passionate about your work." ~Dr. Daniel Amen, Keynote speaker at the 2011 Think Outside the Box Conference

  • "It was encouraging to see that we can change so much...Just showing that the body heals, line up, do the right thing and it heals!" ~Sonia, Massage Therapist

  • "I learn something new all the time. They do an excellent job bringing in new speakers and getting you to think outside the box, just like it's intended to do." ~Gail Pezzula-Burgs, Physician



AskRFI Testimonials
AskRFI Testimonials
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