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The Robert Fishman Institute for Training and Research is committed to training pharmacists, physicians, nurses, scientists and health care professionals from all over the country.


Our belief is to apply innovative ideas in the field of health and wellness — we like to call it, "Think Outside the Box."


You see, at RFI we take a functional — or science-based — approach to our views on medicine. This means, we know the human body has the ability to repair itself from almost any type of damage. Imbalances can be simply corrected with the right type of food choices, the addition of all natural supplements and certain lifestyle adjustments.


We are committed to teaching others how to naturally heal their bodies — the way nature intended it — and we will share with you both new and ancient research supporting our work.


About Dr. Lynn Lafferty


Lynn Lafferty, Pharm.D., N.D.,CNC, CNHP is a doctor of Pharmacy and a licensed pharmacist, naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and chef who is committed to finding the safest and most effective means to promote health and wellness over disease and illness. She works with medical doctors and other health practitioners to integrate traditional and non-traditional medical modalities that patients seek for their medical care. Dr. Lafferty offers customized programs for each individual client that incorporates her pharmacy and naturopathic background. She witnessed firsthand what natural health looks like from her grandmother, who had an organic farm, ate natural foods, exercised and used plants to treat her aliments her entire life. Her grandmother was climbing fruit trees and working in her garden well into her 80′s and had more energy than many young people today.


When Dr. Lafferty was in her 30′s she became ill from the modern treatment she received for fibroids and endometriosis. She became depressed and gained weight from the prescription drugs she was given. Her doctor advised, "Nothing is wrong with you; just watch what you eat. There is nothing more I can do for you". Knowing there had to be a better way; she went to a naturopathic doctor who placed her on a natural foods eating plan and herbal supplements. Within 3 months she had lost weight and felt great. This sparked Dr. Lafferty's research of the physiological effects of the herbs and foods we eat. She furthered her knowledge-base by studying naturopathy and nutrition. Dr. Lafferty's goal is to educate and help as many people as possible by exposing them to the amazing possibilities of combining the best of both worlds of modern medicine and age old traditional therapies. Today, many of her clients include medical doctors who seek her out for her knowledge on alternative therapies for their patients and themselves.


About Dr. Robert Fishman


Dr. Robert Fishman is a leading proponent of Science Based Medicine. Dr. Fishman received his pharmacy degree in 1957 from Columbia University. Over the course of his career, Robert Fishman has formulated many products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and natural health industries for weight loss, pain management, hormonal balance, and homeopathic medicine. He is a pioneer in the area of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). His area of specialty is balancing women's hormones using safe and all natural methods. He founded the Robert Fishman Institute in 2009, in efforts to share his clinical findings while testing, evaluating and treating patients needing BHRT, as well as sharing his nutritional counseling and disease state management strategies. Dr. Fishman is a firm believer in a functional or science-based approach to medicine. He is urging other medical professionals to "think outside the box" in order to better understand our bodies' bio-chemical pathways, thereby learning how to balance negative responses utilizing natural methods.


Dr. Robert Fishman is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Medical Researcher, CME Trainer, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultant, expert Compound Pharmacist and Nutrition Advisor. He is currently a member of the National and International Associations of Clinical Nutritionists and an Assistant Clinical Professor at Nova Southeastern University. He has been a licensed consultant pharmacist in the state of Florida since 1980 and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Science from Colombia University.


About Lisa Feiler


Lisa Feiler is the President of Marketing for The Robert Fishman Institute for Training & Research. She has been a nurse manager for over 25 years and is currently earning a doctorate of naturopathy. Lisa attends conferences all year long to keep up-to-date on all the latest medical protocols and available information. Her special area of focus is pediatric autism. She has received multiple certificates from the Autism Research Institute's Defeat Autism Now conference, with her most recent certification in Medication Therapy Management. When Lisa isn't attending conferences, she is organizing and managing the various elements of the RFI symposiums.

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